Adanta's Belle of the Ball
Born:  27 September 2004
Weight:6 pounds
Sire: Joymason's Ares of Adanta
Dam: Joymason's Princess Ariel
Coat: Blue & Gold Silky

The only pup from Ariel's Fourth
Litter. We're really impressed with
this little girl!

Belle is growing leaps and bounds
in beauty each and every day!
We're so excited about her
potential in the show! Simply a
What a BEAUTIFUL Baby!
Our Info:
Bill & Marilyn Burleson
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Adanta's Sophie Bella
Born: 17 July 2008
Weight: 4 lbs 12 oz
Sire: Adanta's Rolling Stone
Dam: Adanta's Belle of the Ball
Coat: Blue & Gold Silky

She is the only little girl that Belle gave use.
We are so grateful for Sophie to be able to
carry on her families line. Her Grandma
Ariel was our first puppy that stole our
heart for life.
Sophie's Mom

Adanta's Rolling Stone
Born: 14, November 2006
Weight: 4 pounds
Sire: Canadian Champion Adanta's
Prince Coby
Dam: Joymason's CC
Coat; Blue and Gold Silky

Stone is an amazing little man that
loves to be held and cuddled. When
not being held he is rolling over onto
his back to get you to rub his belly.

Stone is one of the main studs in the
house and makes beautiful kids.

  Sophie's Dad