About Adanta Yorkshire Terriers We are an
Ontario Based Breeder of Yorkie Puppies Serving
Hamilton, Mississauga, Brampton, Kitchner,
Guelph, Waterloo, Oakville, Pickering, Ajax,
Oshawa, Burlington,Woodstock, St. Catherines,
Niagara Falls, Grimsby, Beamsville, Welland,
Tillsonburg, Aylmer, St. Thomas, Welland,
Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, GTA.
Adanta Yorkshire Terriers are also hand
delivered to Boco Raton, Fort Lauderdale,Miami,
Florida, Texas,California,and most of the 50
states in the USA. We also have yorkie puppies in
Bogota Columbia....
The Adanta Yorkshire Terrier Family
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Bill & Marilyn Burleson
We are a Greater Toronto area based breeder
in Ontaro of Championship Yorkshire
Terriers with 16 years experience
. Adanta
Yorkshire Terrier puppies are also hand
delivered to Boco Raton, Fort
Lauderdale,Miami, Florida, Texas,California,
most of the 50 states in the USA. We also
have yorkie puppies in Bogota Columbia
. We
carry both coats of Yorkies, the Silver/Blue
double silky coat as well as the Steel Blue
soft coat modified to a silky.....
Although we do sell Yorkie  puppies to select
families, we breed primarily for ourselves to
create our most perfect Yorkshire Terrier
line. Most females, which will exceed the
four pound benchmark we have established
for breeding, stay with us. Tiny females,
under four pounds, are made available for
sale to very select families.

Male Yorkshire Terrier  puppies, which in
our experience are the most loving, are made
available for sale as we have a full stock of
studs for our needs.

All of our Yorkie puppies stay with us until
they are at least 12 weeks old. Tiny, "Tea
Cup" pups will take at least 16 weeks before
they are released to new parents. All
perspective families wishing to purchase a
pup from us must first be interviewed to
determine their suitability in providing the
proper environment for theses special little
souls..  Yorkies are not like any other dog
and require a great deal of devotion and
attention. Tiny,"Tea Cup" puppies require
an even greater level of attention and are not
recommended for younger couples or families
with small children.

All of our Yorkshire Terrier puppies are sold
CKC registered, vaccinated, microchipped
and prespoiled for your convenience.
Gizmo, from Cleopatra's First Litter
Grown-Ups Shouldn't Sleep, Wake Up & Play With Us!!!
Mickey, from Cleopatra's Second Litter
Mickey, Cleopatra's Second Litter
Dee, Ariel, Coby, Prissy, Aurora, Ares, and Cleopatra
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There is no such thing as a Tea Cup breed of
Yorkshire Terrier. A yorkie is a yorkie. A Yorkshire
Terrier can range in size from over 7 pounds to the
smallest we've personally seen of 1.5 pounds. However,
as a long time owner of these tiny souls, we
acknowledge that the term "Tea Cup" generally refers
to the smallest of these pups, under 4.5 pounds fully
"Tea Cup" Yorkshire Terriers
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