Adanta's Yorkshire Terriers
As breeders, we breed for ourselves
primarily. This means that we always
take the pick of the litter of any pups we
want to keep as show dogs or for
breeding purposes to improve our lines.
Since there are almost always more
males than females in any litter, a
female that is going to be above 4
pounds full grown is pretty much
assured to be staying with us.
The remaining pups are made available
to families once they have been
interviewed and deemed an appropriate
family to provide for the needs of these
special little souls.
The Waiting List
All of our Yorkies are small. None of
them are above 6.5 pounds, so our litters
are of equal proportions.
On average we have 2 or 3 pups per
litter,therefore we have a short backlog
of people looking for pups to join their
families. To be fair to all, we've started a
waiting list based on the order people
have joined.

To join the waiting list, follow these
simple steps:

1. Contact us via email or phone.         
2. Visit us to meet the family in person.
3. If all goes well, a small deposit will  
be accepted to join the waiting list.